Austria: I don’t think we’ve ever discussed that.

Switzerland: Well I wouldn’t mind having a couple, actually. But I’m not having them.

Austria: Well, I’m not having them either…

Switzerland: Anyway… Even if we would be able to have one, we wouldn’t be able to control what the gender would be. But we would love it regardless.

(( Hat magic anon still on ))

Austria: Help, I can’t get it off!

Switzerland: Here, let me try.

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*Austria points to mole*

Switzerland: My happy place is my home.

*off camera*

Austria: I was teasing, alright? My happy place is where the music is.

(( Switch cosplay magic anon done ))

Switzerland: …Something seems off.

(( One magic anon question for next time. ))

((Fun fact: That Switzerland cosplay was mine for a while and I met my girlfriend (now Switzerland mun) 4 years ago for the first time when she cosplayed Prussia. This was well before we even thought of dating. That cosplay has come a long way since then, A lot of revamps. Switzerland mun says, “ignore the creepy face”)) 

Vash: I just lay my hand out. His record of letting it remain unheld is currently 6 seconds. It’s something he has done since we were little. 

Roderich: I-I have my reasons…

Austria: *groans* Sorry, I slept in…Why is my head so itchy?

Switzerland: …

( OOC : Prank complete. Back to normal questions next week )

askcosplayedelweiss asked: ✎ This is the Austria mun on this blog. Hope it's ok that we're a cosplay hetalia ask blog


Austria: Well, It’s certainly not my cake, but it was sweet of hi… *passes out*

*off camera*

Prussia:  Prank time!

( Part 1 – Prussia’s prank revealed next Friday )

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