Austria: *groans* Sorry, I slept in…Why is my head so itchy?

Switzerland: …

( OOC : Prank complete. Back to normal questions next week )

askcosplayedelweiss asked: ✎ This is the Austria mun on this blog. Hope it's ok that we're a cosplay hetalia ask blog


Austria: Well, It’s certainly not my cake, but it was sweet of hi… *passes out*

*off camera*

Prussia:  Prank time!

( Part 1 – Prussia’s prank revealed next Friday )

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Austria: Well mine can change depending on my mood, I’ve found. Purple, blue, or green. Switzerland’s is easy; it’s green, right?

*Switzerland shakes head, and hands over cellphone*

Austria: Really?

*Off camera*

Austria: Pink? That’s sweet.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say I've been really really down lately and your blog is one of the few things that really cheers me up whenever I'm sad. I can't wait until you guys start answering asks and stuff again. :)

(( OOC: Aww! We’re happy to hear that our blog brings happiness into your day. We’ve filmed some of the questions in our ask box and they are ready to be posted We’re planing to do a post a week from now on to space out the few asks we have. We hope you feel better soon~ Thank you for the support. Hang in there! ))

Switzerland: Well, I’m not being a part of this…

Austria: I suppose it’s good to be a little bit of both. Wait…Are you calling me girly?

*off camera*

Austria: *sighs* But anyway what I meant is that, for us personally, just one or the other could become dull so having a good balance is nice. Vash enjoys it.

Switzerland: Shush, you!

(( OOC: As you all have noticed from our last post, the next outfit for Switzerland has been revealed as cardverse Jack of Diamonds. I’ve finally completed making the two outfits for them that I’ve dreamed of for so long. 

We’ll be able to do more for our blog this summer so feel free to send us some new asks for Austria and Switzerland. ))